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         Nava Comm.'s crew members are certified through Comm. Train fall protection, and tower rescue classes are mandatory. Team leaders hold weekly safety meetings to ensure the protection of each crew member, as well as to further guarantee the protection of our clients.

         Nava Comm.'s managers are committed to constantly updating our tower safety program to ensure that each employee has the skills and knowledge to stay safe on the job. Our employees clearly surpass the common safety standards of the industry.

         Our clients find comfort in our safety provisions, knowing that Nava Comm. /TLT, LLC has been providing sound services in the communications and tower industry.

         Constructive accident prevention techniques lead to safer job behavior and improve general company morale.

         Accomplishing the job in the safest and most efficient way maximizes income potential, thus decreasing cause for liability and ensuring long term success.

         We've made our safety policy avaliable for download below for customers and employees to access our safety standards and expectations: